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What I Learned from Using a Career Coach — Five Years Later

The advice that brought lasting change to my career Continue reading on The Innovation »
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Five reflections on five years at Microsoft.

Excitement was the feeling in November 2015 when I started at Microsoft, and 5 years later, happy to report that excitement is the same… Continue reading on Medium »
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The Myth of the Golden Gut

You are special, and you make sure people know it. You’ve built a reputation, a career, and an income on that specialness. Continue reading on Medium »
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Díky covidu mohou pracovat i ženy na mateřské. Konečně!

Před dvěma roky v srpnu mě oslovil Forbes Česko, jestli bych neudělala nový obsah výroční konference Lepší Česko (původně Česko: Jak jsme… Continue reading on Medium »
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