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1. Please make sure you have the right to publish the job before doing so.

2. By sharing the job profile with Pupsic, you agree in our terms and scouting fees of 30% of the annual salary if the trial period is successful.

3. If you send us a job description, you also agree for Pupsic to share it in its network of partners.

4. For exclusive search, please contact us first as the scouting fees are negotiable.

5. If Pupsic is not able to find your talent in the first week, we would propose alternatives.

6. If you hired someone in the meantime, please write to us to remove our search otherwise cancellation fees of 1% of the annual salary might occur.

7. If you are in an emergency, please mention it and we can activate our bounty program (+5% extra as a setup, no refundable but deductible at the end of trial period)

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